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Welcome to Episode One of the official podcast of the RNZCUC. Below you will find a running order for the episode including links to articles and news items discussed.

Discussion on Finger, Hand and Wrist injuries with Lisa

PIPJ Volar Plate sprains - (2.26)

UCL thumb injuries - (12.30)

TFCC injuries of the wrist - (24.22)

Find a Hand therapist in NZ -


Nurses Station - with Amor Kisling NP (43.38) - Tap water versus Sterile Saline in Wounds

BMJ article -

AAFP article -

Cochrane Review -


Trailer for Upcoming Profile in Urgent Care - (55.22)

Email Segment - (59.10)

News Segment - (1hr 3 min 44s)

GMC Statement on Dr Bawa Garba appeal -

BBC lost contact lens article -

FDA Generic Epipen -

NICE guideline draft on Cough -

Waikato Hospital New Surgical Ward -

Flu Tracker -

Boxer dies in training -


Music Licenced from

Full Grip - by Score Squad

Billion Stars - by Remember the Future


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Episode Zero

Welcome to Episode Zero of the Official Podcast of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care.  On this episode we talk about this new venture from the RNZCUC and outline what you can expect in the future.  Please take this opportunity to subscribe to the podcast so you will automatically receive all new releases.

Email your questions, comments, suggestions and feedback -

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Coming Soon

Launching soon - The official podcast of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care

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