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Have you heard of the Aubergine sign?   Check out the brief mention here on Radiopaedia - https://www.fa...
June 18, 2021
Nobody wants to miss a case of appendicitis in urgent care.  Thinking about it is a good start.  ...
June 11, 2021
What is a lactation consultant and how can they help the UC patient?  Dr Katie Fourie, a GP and Board Certified Lactation Consultant introduces us to this area of medicine and encourages us to conside...
June 4, 2021
We should all be aware of the peritonsillar abscess.  But why is it called a quinsy?   Read this article for the American Family Physician -   www.rnzcuc.o...
May 28, 2021
What does your patient mean when they say they have a stye?   Check out the pages on these conditions
May 21, 2021
Today we speak with Tom Bowden about research he is undertaking into how UC and ED clinicians access past medical history for their patients.   He will be sharing his survey with our members in the co...
May 14, 2021
Today we update College members with some important news.   Get Bootcamp Tickets here -    See the new Curriculum here -
May 7, 2021
Professor Bridget Dicker tells us about a New Zealand based study, published in the BMJ, on which she was one of the authors.  It looked at High flow oxygen and risk of mortality in patients with susp...
April 30, 2021
The story behind why a condition or part of the body is so named can help paint a picture when describing a diagnosis to your patient.
April 23, 2021
Make sure you know which ones need an orthopaedic review.   Check out the Starship Hospital Guidelines - Check out the RCH Mel...
April 16, 2021

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